Help for Healthcare Professionals Announces Angela Handley as Healthcare Executive of the Year

Help for Healthcare Professionals

Announces Angela Handley as Healthcare Executive of the Year


HOMERVILLE, GA., April 9, 2024 — At Help of Healthcare Professionals’ Annual Mary Jane Seacole Awards Ceremony, Angela Handley, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Clinch Memorial Hospital, was announced as the 2024 Healthcare Executive of the Year. The prestigious event recognizes more than 20 honorees and their outstanding contributions to healthcare and their community. 


The Healthcare Executive of the Year Award acknowledges healthcare executives who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the ever-evolving healthcare sector. Nominees exhibit innovative strategies, prioritize patient-centered care, foster collaboration, uphold ethical standards and positively impact the community. The accolade honors leaders whose influence extends beyond their organization, leaving a legacy of excellence and inspiring the next generation of healthcare executives.


“I am truly honored to be recognized for this award,” said Angela Handley. “While we have faced many challenges in the wake of being a rural hospital in a climate of economic uncertainty, we have found a business model to survive, and thrive. I am thankful for the wisdom and support of those who helped us develop a pathway toward growth.” 


Since taking on the role of CEO at Clinch Memorial Hospital, Handley cultivated a team that has prevented another rural hospital closure. She has implemented new service lines to boost revenue, applied for and received numerous grants and led a number of community outreach efforts. Handley was featured in TIME magazine in November 2020 and Clinch Memorial Hospital has been the recipient of several awards such as Hospital of the Year, CEO of the Year and received congressional recognition for the work and grassroots efforts of CMH. She serves as a Trustee for the Georgia Nursing Association Foundation and is Chair of the HealthSure HRM committee which is a captive of self-insured rural hospitals. She has also served as a consultant for various projects throughout the state and is currently co-teaching the dual enrollment CNA Program for Clinch County High School.

HHCP  is a nurse-owned, non-profit organization based in Georgia. HHCP was founded to provide support and services to the members of its community who have devoted their lives to keep everyone safe and healthy. HHCP is committed to healthcare workers, first responders, and their immediate families through generous donations and countless volunteer hours, HHCP is proud to actively support frontline heroes’ education and skills training.